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So what is photography? Each person will have different answers to this question. But having collected all the answers, you can add one whole. Photography is an art, a fraction of a second from our life, a memory, joy, sadness, laughter, everything that happens to us in a short moment in one shot.

At the moment, almost every person has some technique to create a picture and often uses it. But still such a profession as a photographer remains relevant, and there is not a single person who at least once in his life did not use his services. Because only a photographer can make a quality, creative and unusual picture, for which we pay him money, and for this person it is a way not only to earn, but also to show his art and express himself.

For all this, the photographer usually has quite a variety of techniques, because not everyone will afford to buy a bunch of expensive equipment for one shot. But even if we buy all this, it does not mean that we are already photographers, because only a true specialist can correctly adjust the light, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and background.

We do not think how much effort is required to create a single photo. We do not care about the process of creating a snapshot - only the final result is important to us. The only thing that really has become easier is printing photos. So, it used to take hours to show pictures, closing in the bathroom, and today popular photographers can order even wholesale printing of photos from a filmed wedding or other celebration, spending at the very least a minimum of money and receiving high-quality photos almost immediately.

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